Project Events

1st National Workshop for Quinoa Promotion in Morocco

UM6P university in collaboration with ICBA, have organized the first national workshop for quinoa promotion in Morocco. The purpose of this workshop was to promote the quinoa crop and its products and to showcase its agronomic and nutritional virtues through several activities of dissemination, cooking, exhibition, seminar, etc. several stakeholders were invited to this event including farmers, women's cooperatives, private agro-food companies, restaurants, media, government institutions, etc.

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Quinoa Production and Valorization and organic farming

Place: Ben Guerir, Morocco

Date: 24-28 September 2018

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Training for agricultural extension agents and professionals about best practices to produce quinoa

Place: UM6P University, Ben Guerir, Morocco.

Date: 9th August, 2018

The training was delivered by Dr. Hirich Abdelaziz (ICBA scientist), Dr. Choukr-Allah Redouane (Consultant) and Manal Mhada (UM6P Postdoc) for more than 30 participants from different organizations including:

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First meeting of the provincial project committee

The meeting took in the office of the Governor of Rehamna and after the welcome of the governor to all participant, Dr. Choukr-Allah made a power presentation of the IDRC Quinoa project indicating the main objectives and main drivers of choosing the Rehamna zone and the Quinoa value chain. He also, explained the different phase of the project for developing the Business Model of the Quinoa Value Chain and the planning of the workplan as well as the partners involved in the project.

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Kick-off Meeting of IDRC funded project “Scaling up quinoa value chain to improve food and nutritional security in poor rural communities of Morocco”

Several partners attended the meeting (DRA, DPA, ONSSA, NGO, ORMVA, Private, Local Authority ... etc.). The meeting was coincided with the visit of an Ethiopian delegation chaired by the Minister of State for Agriculture of Ethiopia at the University Mohamed VI Polytechnic who participated in the opening of the meeting.

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