1st National Workshop for Quinoa Promotion in Morocco

Date: November 14, 2018

UM6P university in collaboration with ICBA, have organized the first national workshop for quinoa promotion in Morocco. The purpose of this workshop was to promote the quinoa crop and its products and to showcase its agronomic and nutritional virtues through several activities of dissemination, cooking, exhibition, seminar, etc. several stakeholders were invited to this event including farmers, women's cooperatives, private agro-food companies, restaurants, media, government institutions, etc.

There were several activities including:

  • Seminar of presentation of Project progress results
  • Exhibition of cooperatives quinoa based-products
  • Cuisine session facilitated by Chef Khadija (a well-known Moroccan Chef presenting the Moroccan Master Chef) and Accor executive chef
  • Launching the R&D consortium about quinoa in Morocco
  • Creation of the first group of Organic Quinoa produced in Morocco
  • Distribution of best performing accession seeds to farmers (1 kg of seeds for more than 30 farmers) for next cropping season
  • Conference press with national TV (Aloula) and other media.